Oh Alright, One More Shameles PRGay/Emmett Plug!

Okay, so you know that three of my favorite people in the world are Tom & Lorenzo of Project RunGay, and Emmett McCarthy, my (I swear this is true) twin brother by a different mother, right? Well, darlings, when these two fabulous galaxies collide, Watch what happens!

So here’s the deal… My darling Emmett and my darlings TLo are holding a contest for which the prize is a totally gowachuss!!! satin coat. I’ve seen that coat, and I can personally vouch for 1- its utter and complete fabulosity and 2- the incredible quality of workmanship. Even you amazing sewists that read my blog have got to go try your hand at this contest. It’s truly amazing, and it would look stunning on any of you!

Okay, have all my superlatives convinced you yet? Then get thee over to Project RunGay and give it your best shot!

Happy fashion!

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