Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

We’re getting socked with a nor’easter today. So far we’ve got about 9 inches of snow, on top of the 8 or so we got earlier this week. The concert I am supposed to sing in this afternoon has been postponed until January 6th. That’s a little anticlimactic for a Lessons and Carols. The 6th is Epiphany (little Christmas). But let’s face it, after Christmas, the desire to hear or sing Christmas carols is highly diminished.

But forget the Dog Days of Summer. These are the real Dog Days. Hoover just loves the snow. Here he is with DS the elder, just about to go dashing after DH.

And here he is just about to leap into a snow bank.

Hoover loves it even better when his dog buddies come over to bound through the snow with him. Yuki, the German Shepherd from across the street, came to play this morning

After Yuki, his buddy Pugsley the Puggle came over, but I didn’t take any pictures of them.

I’m working on my BFF’s Christmas present, a rendition of the LaRue Bag from HotPatterns. This one is made from a peach-toned Mongolian Lamb that will be utterly fab. If the snow stops and the roads clear, I’ll try to head out this afternoon (after the Patriots/Jets game) to pick up some light colored pack cloth for lining it.

In the meantime, Happy Hoover!

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