Thanks for the sweet thoughts and well wishes! The recital went great. Anyone who is a singer or a collaborative musician will know what a thrill it is to create a moment. Bill (my accompanist) was beyond phenomenal. I wish I could have recorded it, but it was a government lab so no recording devices were allowed. I had to leave my cell phone and mini recorder at the front. But folks seemed pleased, and they have asked me back!!! And even better, the weather more-or-less cooperated, so there was a good audience.

I have another concert on Saturday night. If you are in the Boston area and have no plans, this one is a lot of fun. It takes place at St. Malachy Parish at 99 Bedford Street in Burlington, MA. It’s a joint concert of the choir of St. Malachy, under the direction of Ryan Murphy, combined with the choir of Ward 2 of the Mormon Church in Belmont, under the direction of Jen Murphy, and the Merrimack Valley Bell Ringers (a phenomenal bell choir) and the Bay Colony Brass, a 24 piece brass ensemble. It will be a truly phenom of a concert, and it is one- free! and two – SRO. Get there early. It starts at 7:30. Oh yeah, I’ll be doing a solo. Gesu Bambino. God help me.

The business has not stopped while I’ve been away from the office. If you placed an order, it has been shipped. I am behind on notifying you, and I apologize for that. But never fear, your fabric has gone out on time. And I’ve been adding a lot of new fabrics at Gorgeous Fabrics, so do be sure to check those out.

Happy singing!

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