They Want How Much for What???

Here’s an amusing story. I decided to treat myself to an Eggnog latte at the local Starbucks today. I’ve been pretty crazy busy, and I figured, what the heck. It’s the holidays, and I have been working pretty hard lately. So I ordered a medium, and she rang it in and said, “That will be $4.25, please.”

Jaw hit floor.

Four. Dollars. Plus? For 12 ounces of brown water with a quarter cup of eggnog in there?

Are they nuckin’ futz????

After a second, I pulled my jaw off the floor and my eyebrows down from the ceiling, handed over my money, scrounged in the bottom of my purse for a quarter, took my eggnog latte and beat it out of there. I have always limited myself to one of these a year, figuring that they probably have about a thousand calories. But Starbucks (living up to it’s name, big time – only stars have the bucks to drink there) has given me an even more compelling reason to keep the calorie count down. I’ll stick with Dunkin Donuts. Or maybe I’ll just take that money and put it in a Salvation Army kettle. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Happy Holidays!

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