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Have you seen It’s a site that provides pattern downloads, many of which look quite stylish! I have downloaded several, and when I get some free time (HA!) I’ll sew some up and review them. I don’t want to call this a site review, because I haven’t had time to completely investigate it, but it looks interesting, so here are my initial thoughts.

On the Plus Side:
Stylish patterns that are very reasonably priced or (can’t beat this) free! You download the patterns to your computer, and then you can print them out and have at them. No waiting for sales at JoAnns or Hancock, no waiting for the mailman to deliver the patterns

On the Minus Side:
You have to either download umpteen pages and tape them together, or take them to a printer like Kinkos to print out on large format sheets (which can be a significant expense).

I’m going to give a few of them a try to see how they work and fit. I think this is the wave of the future. The technology needs to catch up, but so did cellphones, so it’s worth looking at.

Personally? I think I’m going to check out these patterns:
Talea 9301

Esther 8027

Emily 8153

I really want to try some of the pants, but I’ll start with the blouse and the sweater. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Sewing!

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