Sewing Tip – Sewing Knits with Sequins

Pam reminded me of this tip in my last post. I’m making a dress with a knit fabric that has mylar sequins attached to it. The sequins are glued on to the fabric, and they are thin enough that you can sew through them. When dealing with this type of fabric, I like to use a titanium needle, which smoothly sews through most anything.

I will often use wax paper when sewing this type of fabric, as well. It’s not such an issue with the fabric I’m using here, because the sequins are scattered rather loosely across the surface of the fabric. But when dealing with a densely sequined knit, the glue used to attach the sequins can gum up your needle, causing stitch problems. To avoid this, simply place a strip of waxed paper between your fabric and the presser foot. The waxed paper ‘wipes off’ the glue with each needle stroke, making your life much easier, and your stich quality higher. When you are done stitching, simply tear the wax paper away and voilĂ , a well sewn seam with no gunky needle!

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