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Pattern Description: From the Vogue Website, “MISSES’ JACKET, TOP, DRESS, SKIRT AND PANTS: Jacket has ties and inside button closure. Close-fitting top and dress have side zipper opening. Below waist skirt and pants have elastic waist.” I made View C, the dress.

Sizing: 6-20. I made a 12.

How’d it look compared to the pattern envelope? Very close. I like my fabric better, though!

How were the instructions? I thought they were fine. I saw another review where the reviewer called them “idiotic”. I didn’t think they were that bad. They are typical pattern instructions. I found them to be clear enough. That said, I didn’t really use them to make the dress; I only read them afterwards to see how they were.

Any issues (good or bad)? Nope, none. I did some things differently from how they recommend, and you can read that below.

Fabric Used: Funk-o-Rama Sequined Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. DS the Younger is going to be in a ballroom dance competition, and I wanted something to wear. This fabric has enough glitz to fit in there, but it’s not too ‘too’. I also have a singing gig coming up on December 3rd at Lincoln Labs, and this will work well for that.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: FBA, of course. Also, I decided against using their recommendation of ruching the side seams on to seam binding. Instead, I used clear elastic. All my RTW ruched tops are stayed to clear elastic, and it was easier to do. The kicker was that I lost the freaking pattern piece for the stay guide, so I had to figure out how long the stay should be. In case you ever run into the same situation, it’s 13 1/2 inches between the small dots.

They recommend that you use seam binding to stay the shoulder seams. I used a strip of fusible interfacing instead.

I skipped the zipper application since this knit has a lot of stretch to it. If you make this dress or top from a knit that has 25% or more crosswise stretch, you don’t need it. If your fabric has less stretch than that, I recommend putting in a zipper.

The one thing the other review showed that I liked was a bound neckline instead of the turned and stitched neckline. I thought that was a good idea so I stole it decided that imitation was flattery and did the same here. I used self fabric rather than contrast, but I think you could have fun with a contrasting fabric.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it? Yes and yes. From cutting to finish, including making my alterations, took less than three hours. It’s a great looking pattern, and I really like how it turned out.

Conclusion: A great pattern that can take on different personalities depending on the fabrication!

Here’s the finished dress:

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