On the Cutting Table

Two things: first, I need to make curtains for my office. The windows are drafty and the winter is coming. So I’ll make flannel lined silk taffeta tab-tops for the windows. The taffeta is at least 12 years old. I bought it at the Boston Design Center when DS the Eldest was a baby.

Also, on the sewing table right now Vogue 1020. View B, the dress. I’m making it with Funk-o-Rama Jersey.

It’s mostly done, but I made a mistake with the stay for the ruched side and I need to fix that. Nothing big, and not the fault of the pattern. It was my choice of fabric for the stay. It’s an easy fix and I’ll take care of it tomorrow and hopefully will review it.

Speaking of tomorrow, DS the Younger is taking ballroom dance lessons (his idea, and he’s loving it!) and tomorrow is his first competition. Do you know when his level is competing? Right smack in the middle of the freaking Pats/Colts game, that’s when!!! Clearly the organizers are not football fans. My DSis has promised to call me with updates during the game. Sigh…

Happy sewing!

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