Pattern Review – Simplicity 9941 Bathrobe

The Background: DS the elder decided last week that he wants to go trick-or-treating as DH before his morning coffee. His costume is a bathrobe and pajamas, an empty Dunkin’ Donuts mug and a zombie mask. DH is miffed. But DS needed a new bathrobe, since his old one is getting awfully small. So, dah da dahhhh! Mom to the rescue…

Pattern Description: Children’s Bathrobes in 2 lengths with neckline variations. I made View A.

Sizing: XS-XL. I made an XL (Size 14-16)

How’d it Look Compared to the Pattern Envelope? It looked very similar.

Likes/Dislikes? This is a good basic bathrobe pattern. The only thing to note is that the pocket placement is REALLY low, so you might want to raise the pockets up a bit (like say, 2 inches). Other than that, the design goes together well.

How Were the Instructions? Didn’t use them. I don’t say that to sound like I’m all that and a bag of chips (which of course, I am!), but because this pattern is well drafted (except for the pocket placement) and it goes together without any difficulty. If I were teaching a beginner/advanced beginner sewing class, this would be a good choice for the pattern.

Fabric Used: Fleece (gahhh!) from JoAnn. That’s said more facetiously than seriously. It’s an Alpine Fleece, and it’s not terrible. Plus, it’s exactly what DS wanted, so that’s good.

Would You Do It Again? I have to. DS the younger is begging for a new robe too. He likes to walk around with his blanket thrown over his head and shoulders like a very long cape, so for him I may make the hooded version.

Conclusion: A good basic pattern, DS will be stylin’ and warm while trick-or-treating tonight. And he’ll have a bathrobe for the winter. Here he is modeling it for me last night.

Happy Halloween!

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