Friday Miscellany

The jeans are coming along, I promise. The fly is half way inserted. I keep getting interrupted, either by business, by kids or by life in general. I did a post on patch pockets for BeSewStylish today, and that has a picture of the jeans in progress with the pocket on the back. I figure I should have them done this weekend, but first I have to get time away from kids’ braces, piano lessons, ballroom dance lessons, karate and football. Yeesh! No wonder I’m exhausted by 9:30 at night. I haven’t even tried to stay up to watch the World Series.

I received the other half of my Amazon book order while I was in New York: The catalog from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibit,The Golden Age of Couture. Blogger isn’t letting me upload pictures right now, but when I can, I’ll put a link to it.

We rearranged the office, and now I need to make new curtains for the winter. I have some silk taffeta that’s about 15 years old. I think I’ll use that and line them with flannel to keep the draft out.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll post more pictures of the jeans as soon as they are done. They are going together quite well, so I’m pleased thus far.

Happy sewing!

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