Cabana Tee v.2 – Not so Sure

Weeellll….. What started out as a good idea may not have turned out all that well. I made another version of the Cabana tee, this time in the shadow dots jerseys. It’s not bad. But I am not sure that it’s great. There’s something about the scale of the smaller print that bothers me. I’ll throw it on and wear it and see what I think after an hour or so.

Construction Details to Note: This time, I used a very stretchy knit, and as I thought in Original Review, it is much easier to get the neckline onto the garment with a jersey that has a lot of Lycra in it. I still recommend basting before sewing the band to the neckline, just because you really are pulling and tugging a lot.

Nancy K. asked why the need to cut the neckline on the bias unless you’re using a stripe. I thought that was an interesting question, so I cut my neckband this time on the crossgrain with no ill effects. Thanks for that suggestion, Nancy!

The jury is still out on this top. Only because of the combo of prints. I’m just not sure. Like I say, I think I’ll wear it today and see what my DH and kids think of it. They loved the black and white version.

Happy sewing!

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