Look, Up in the Air! It’s a Bird; It’s a Plane…

Photo Credit: Robert Pitts/LANDOV

It’s Laura Bennett! And she’s about to become every Bad Mommy’s and Fashionista’s secret dream – a SuperHero! She’s glamorous, she’s fabulous, she leaps in Louboutins in a single bound, and she has a closet full of Laura Bennett designer originals. Oh yeah, and bad-taste-deflecting diamond studded cuffs, I’ll bet. I’ll be all over that comic strip like my son with the X-Men!

That’s right, Laura is getting her very own comic strip on iVillage, and my Darlings Tom and Lorenzo are having a little contest to celebrate. Here’s the deal:
“Come up with a superhero name for Laura Bennett and if she picks yours as the best, she’ll send you an autographed copy of the Project Runway Season 3 DVD!”

So get your bad self over to their blog, enter your nomination for her nom-de-cartoon in the comments section, and maybe you’ll get a DVD autographed by Fabulous Mommy herself!

Artist: Mark Anthony Taduran

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