Carol F. Convinced Me…

To make the top for the Simplicity 3690 pattern. So that will be my next project. I’ll hopefully cut it out tomorrow. But tonight, I’m kicking back and relaxing. I got to indulge another of my passions. Cooking. I went to the local really-good supermarket and bought some beautiful chops, Swiss chard, tomatoes, basil, and buffala mozzarella and had at it. I’m no Top Chef, but I’m not bad. In my family, we learned to cook out of self defense.

I’m not kidding. My mother was, arguably, the worst cook in the world. My earliest memory of my mom’s cooking was a fish chowder that she made. It was completely inedible. My brother brought his over to the cat next door. Nothing doing. Even the neighbors’ cats wouldn’t touch it.

Another fond, if you can call it that, memory of my mother’s cooking was her meatloaf. These were the directions she wrote down for me when I was 15. I still have them somewhere:
Heat oven to 350
Mix ground beef with oregano, parsley, garlic flakes and onion flakes
Put in Corningwear dish and place in the oven for 45 minutes
Drain fat
Open can of Campbell’s tomato soup and pour over meatloaf
Put two slices of bacon on top and bake for an hour

Mmmm mmmm good, huh? Well, that was just the start. To hear the best stories, and to hear the reason I will never eat lamb again as long as I live, requires a couple of hours. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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