A Standout Dress for a Standout Cause

Tom and Lorenzo gave me permission to put this here. Is this a gorgeous dress or what??? This is the prototype for the dress that will go up for sale shortly. I had the opportunity to see it up close and in person back in the early summer, and it is even more fabulous in person than it looks in the picture. It’s a lovely matte jersey, it hides a multitude of sins, and it is cut (in the sale version, not the prototype) to be bra-friendly. And why, you may ask, am I plugging a RTW dress? Well, two reasons: first, it was designed by one of my fave-rave PR designers, Laura Bennett. Second (and this is the really big reason), proceeds from the sale of the dress will benefit Dress For Success. Dress For Success is one of the worthiest charities I know. They help women in need, in abusive relationships and in homeless shelters. Dress For Success provides training, counseling and interview-appropriate clothing to help women get jobs and become self sufficient. My first exposure to Dress For Success was through an office admin who worked for me. Dress For Success had helped her get out of an abusive relationship and get a job. She’s since gone on to get her MBA and become very successful. They are a great organization.

So, shameless plug, but to benefit a great cause. I’m gonna get me one of these dresses!

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