Woo Hoo!

Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Reuters
You knew this was coming. It was a wonderful day in New Jersey for Patriot Nation. Ellis Hobbs looked at the situation, took a chance and ran for the record books. And my boys won! Man-Genius didn’t live up to the moniker this time. Now if the Pats can stay healthy for 15 more games, we have a good chance at going all the way again!

My son’s team, on the other hand, got absolutely skunked by Jamaica Plain (where I grew up, so I kind of have a soft spot for that team too). 38 to zip. It was gruesome to watch. DS played well though. Oh well, on to Concord, NH next week. We have the weirdest playing schedule. We’re the second team in his age range in his division. That means that the first team is the more-or-less official team and his team has to find teams to play with. It’s okay – they still have fun. Just not so much yesterday.

And finally, let’s all say a prayer for Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills. He went down on an early play in the second half (I didn’t see it, thank God), and he may never get up again. He’s suffered a cervical spinal cord injury and the outlook is grim. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers folks.

Meanwhile, happy sewing!

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