And Another One Gone, and Another One Gone

Another one bites the dust, to quote the Queen song. Sigh. Neue Mode, a German pattern company, is ceasing production. They’re dropping like flies it seems. It makes me question just how much of a surge of popularity sewing is experiencing. Here’s the word straight from Sullivans, the US distributor:

“Good Morning,
I am very sorry to say that Neue Mode has decieded to terminate thier operations. However , we do have a huge inventory of 1st rate Neue Mode patterns. We will continue to sell these at a very reduced rate until all stocks are releaved.
our consumer site is
Thanks for your inquiry. If we can be of any assistance please let me know.

Sullivans USA”

So folks, get ’em while you can, they won’t last long!

(Un)Happy Sewing

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