I Got Quechup on My Face

The other day I received an email invitation to join Quechup. This is a social networking site, supposedly. The email came from Evelyn, a colleague whom I know, trust, and would definitely be willing to network with on one of these sites. And I belong to some other network sites like Linked In, so I figured, “Okay, I’ll join.”

Bad idea. I don’t know if those sons of b****es got their mitts into my address book, but they did try. I shut down the window immediately after they started. So if you received an invitation to join Quechup from me, please DON’T. I truly apologize if you did. It was never my intention to let them hijack my address book and spam my friends and customers. The worst thing is that the message they send out states that the sender has agreed to let them send you the invite. That is patently untrue, and I hope that the developers of that site roast in a very hot place for a very long time.

I’m hoping that they didn’t get into my mail. What I’m seeing on the web indicates that they grab Outlook and Gmail address books, but I’m not sure about the Mac address book. I sincerely hope not!

Anyway, if you get a Quechup invite from me, just say no and please accept my apologies. If you get an invite from them on behalf of anyone else, just say no.

Happy sewing!

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