It’s Labor Day Weekend at Gorgeous Fabrics!

Here in the US, this weekend marks a national holiday: Labor Day. It also marks the official end of summer. To celebrate at Gorgeous Fabrics, we’re doing two things…

We’re Going to be Closed for Business on Monday, September 3, 2007.
That’s right, we’re taking a day off. We’ll fire up the grill. We’ll throw some ‘burgers and ‘dogs on, and celebrate by not doing much of anything! But that’s not even the good stuff!

We’re Having a Sale!
Yep, regardless of what the weatherman says, it’s time to put away the capris and flip flops, freshen up the stash and make some new things for fall! So here is the deal. It’s one of those the-more-you-spend-the-more-you-save arrangements. It’s a rebate, and here’s how it works…

Starting at midnight, EDT on September 1 (that’s tonight), and ending at midnight, EDT on September 4 (that’s the middle of the night on Monday)
Spend up to $100, get a 5% rebate on your fabric purchase.*
Spend $101 to $200, get a 10% rebate on your fabric purchase.*
Spend $201 to $300, get a 15% rebate on your fabric purchase.*
Spend $301 to $400, get a 20% rebate on your fabric purchase.*
Spend over $400 and get a 25% rebate on your fabric purchase!

*The fine print – doesn’t include fabrics that are already on sale. You’ll either get the sale price or the percent off, whichever is greater (lesser?)

So you are guaranteed at least 5% off our regular great prices. Have fun! Click Here to Start Shopping. And just to give you a little goose…

How Gowachuss is This Fabric?

This is one of my favorite fabrics that came in recently. It is a stunning stretch velvet in rich blue and turquoise jewel tones. This will be perfection for a holiday dress or top to take you from now into the holidays and beyond. Click here to check it out.

Finally, there are some very exciting things afoot at Gorgeous Fabrics. I can’t tell you just yet, but keep an eye out over the next two weeks. This is big – really really big, and I’m so excited I can hardly keep it in!

Have a great weekend and happy sewing!

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