Next Up, a Dress

I saw this picture of a DVF dress in the Nordstrom catalogue, and I think it’s time to make myself a dress! First, I don’t feel like spending $425 on a dress right now. If I did, I’d spend it with Emmett McCarthy. Second, I’m sufficiently cheesed off at the good Princess for her shameless lobbying of Congress to pass that dimwitted fashion copyright law change that it seems appropriate to blatantly steal pay appropriate homage while still working within the letter of the (current) law. Of course, I will only make my dress for personal use, and I’ll call it my very own Gorgeous Thing. Besides, her dress is a combination rip of two Yves Saint Laurent ideas: the trapeze and Mondrian.

Okay, I’ll get off the soapbox. Thanks for letting me vent. Now the point of this whole post is that this is a pretty straightforward dress for ripping off paying appropriate homage. Peggy Sagers’ Swing Dress seems like a good starting point:
. It’s got pretty much the same silhouette and the neckline and sleeves will be easy to modify. I’ll make it from two Gorgeous Fabrics,
CLJ551, black cotton jersey: for the main dress, and I’ll use CLJ552, its sister fabric in lipstick red:
for the moon. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I have to order the pattern, so it will take a little while before I can get going on it. But stay tuned!

Happy sewing!

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