A Shameless Plug

Oh boy, this is the week when the kids camps are all done, but school hasn’t started yet. That’s next week and guess who’s counting the nanoseconds? But they have been awfully good about letting me work, so this afternoon I’m taking them to Tomb in Boston. It’s supposed to be a great fun time, and I am looking forward to it!

But before I go, allow me to put in a shameless plug for Pam Erny and her site, Sew Exciting Fashion Sewing Supply. I’ve gotten to know and become very fond of Pam over the last several months. She carries fabulous products that are great quality, and she’s a doll. She sent me a gift of some Pro-Weft interfacing a couple of weeks back. I’ll do a formal review on it when I finish a jacket, but I did use it on my McCalls jumper, and I just loved it! It has a wonderful hand that isn’t too stiff, but adds good body. I’d like to add that Pam didn’t ask me to review her site or her products, she just sent me the interfacing as a thank you for something I did for her.

I’ve purchased from her in the past, and I’ve loved (!!!) the tricot interfacing and elastics I have bought from her. I like her products and service so well that I link to her from Gorgeous Fabrics. So while this may not be a totally unbiased opinion, it is a sincere endorsement of a really great lady with really great products.

Happy sewing!

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