Dog Days

Yes, it’s definitely the dog days of summer! Everything is going at a slower pace than the norm. Kids are wrapping up summer vacations (not a moment too soon, either). And friends are going on vacation. That means we get to babysit. Dogs. Lots of them. We had Tessa the Rottie a couple of weeks ago, and last week we took my friend Barb’s dogs. And it was one hot week! Oh, I know it’s worse in the middle of the country, but if you wear a full time fur coat, anything over about 80 degrees gets pretty bad pretty quickly. I spent the whole time trying not to trip over various carcasses strewn across my floor. It reminded me of the morning after parties in my first apartment. To whit, we had


Polly, a very sweet, 14 1/2 year old French Bassett


Maggie, a 140 lb. lap dog wanna-be. Fortunately, this heat makes her less cuddly than usual.

I must say, of those 140 lbs, I think about 120 are spit. See that head? It’s solid drool. Okay, 99.9997% drool, and two brain cells. I’m still mopping up!

Well, tomorrow I’m off for some fun adventures that I’ll share with you this weekend. Until then, stay cool and happy sewing!

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