My Meeting with Mitt

I’m not a political person. Yes, I vote. I vote in every election. But I don’t much care about politics, and I’m not crazy about politicians. That said, let me share with you a (non-political) experience I had two years ago. You know that I am a singer. My friend Ryan, who is the choir director at my church (RC in a Boston suburb), is one of the most talented musicians I know, and I know a lot of talented musicians. He also is a devout Mormon, and he is in the same Ward as Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts. So there’s the background. Now here’s the story.

Two years ago, Ryan asked me to sing “I Know that My Redeemer Liveth” from “Messiah” at his ward’s Easter service. I love singing in the Meetinghouse. I love the people, I love the acoustics… it’s all good, so I said of course. Ryan accompanied me, and we did a great job, if I may say so. After the service, I was saying my goodbyes to Ryan and the Bishop. As I walked down the aisle, Ann Romney stopped me to thank me. She’s a lovely lady. The governor was standing a few feet away, and he joined us to chat, surrounded by – handlers? accolytes? I’m not sure, but there were about 5 people around him. At this time, he had not yet announced his candidacy, but it was obvious that he was planning to run. The governor was very pleasant. Though I have to admit that I felt I was being sized up. Not in an untoward way, but there was some definite calculation, and my immediate diva response was, “I wonder if I could get a singing gig if he gets elected?” Don’t worry, I blew any chance, just wait. You’ll see.

So the governor, making conversation, asked me to which ward I belonged. I told him that I am not Mormon, but I’m friends with Ryan and his wife Jen, and that they had invited me to sing. We got talking about how I knew them, and I told him that Ryan was my choir director at my church. The governor thought for a second, and (this actually impressed me that he was able to pull this one out), he said, “Oh, yes, the Catholic church in [my town], right? The head of my State Police Detail lives in [my town]. His name is Harry Potter*, do you know him?”

* Not the officer’s real name

To which I replied (Here’s where I blew my only remote chance of singing at a presidential inaugural), “Oh, Governor, you can’t swing a dead cat in [my town] without hitting three Potters.”

I kid you not, there was a solid 7 seconds of dead silence. I saw eyebrows raised all around. It was like slow motion. Then Mrs. Romney smiled, and maybe giggled. The governor started to laugh, and the folks around him then began to guffaw. I thanked them all for their kind words and beat it out of there as fast as I could.

So see? You think I only shoot my mouth off on my blog? Nope, that’s me!

Okay, so back to sewing! I just put up a bunch of new fabrics on Gorgeous Fabrics

Happy sewing and politicking!

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