Not Today, Nor Any Other Day

With apologies to Karla and Pam, I threw up my hands yesterday and cried, “Uncle!” My McCall’s 5478 jacket is simply not going to work. I still love the style, but there is something about this pattern that just doesn’t work for me. As I told Lorna, project fatigue set in pretty early on this. And the fabric that I decided to do the second go with had too much lycra in it (I think it was somewhere between 4-5%, which is really, really stretchy). As I dragged my sorry self up to the sewing machine the other day, and sat down with a heavy sigh to work on it, I realized something. Even if I finished it and it fit perfectly, I would probably never wear it. Once I had that aha! moment, I realized all I was doing was annoying myself. So here’s the final result:

Bummer, eh? Not really. I’d rather decide that now and free myself up for projects that will hold my interest. This is a pretty rare occurrence for me, and I don’t really like the feeling it leaves with me. But I’d rather move onward and upward than hate what I’m doing. So, on! And the next project on the cutting table is the McCalls Jumper that has caused conversation, consternation and controversy, 5464:

The alterations for this one are kind of interesting. I’ll post about them later. Til then,

Happy sewing!

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