It’s Too Darned Hot…

With apologies to Cole Porter, but it is! I haven’t felt like sewing for the last two days. Fortunately, I had some things to keep me legitimately out of the sewing room: a new post for, and dogsitting Tessa the Rottweiler:

Tessa is Hoover’s best bud, and she’s a great dog. She’s a showdog, and working toward her championship. And she is such a whiner! Man, I’ve never heard a dog talk so much in my life, and I had Labs for years! She’s a sweetie though, and always fun to have around. Here she and Hoover are enjoying edamame on the deck.

The other funny thing that happened was regards my BSS post. If you take a look at it (it’s the one called “Serger 101”), the first comment is really nice, but the person who wrote it thought that David Page Coffin (one of my sewing heroes) wrote the post. An understandable mistake: the credits list him as the photographer. I had this funny flash to a favorite movie when I read the comment. Did anyone see Galaxy Quest? It’s a fun movie. In one scene, Alan Rickman’s character rescues a group of people, who are all hero-worshipping the character played by Tim Allen. As Rickman walks in, holding up his arms waiting for applause, they start shouting, “He has saved us! Commander Taggart (Allen) has saved us!” Rickman gets this great look of “can’t win for trying” on his face. I know how he feels!

So I think the A/C has cooled off the cutting room enough where I can think about going back in. We’ll see. Tomorrow I’m taking the whole family to Lenox to see Emmett McCarthy. He’s doing a trunk show, and we gotta go to support him! Not to mention my kids would kill me if I went alone and they didn’t get to meet him. So off to see Uncle Emmett tomorrow.

Happy Sewing!

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