A Jolly Good Read!

First, if you haven’t been over to Gorgeous Fabrics lately, we just implemented a fun new feature: Inspiration Station. It’s a randomizer that grabs bunches of swatches and posts them on a page. You can click on each swatch and see the fabric. I like it because it lets you see fabrics you might otherwise miss. And next to it is a random selection of pictures from The Gallery. But who cares what I think – of course I like it, right? What do you think of it?

Now, that said, I’m about to talk about the new Harry Potter book, so if you haven’t read it yet, cover your eyes or go look at fabrics!

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Sunday afternoon. Good book! I highly recommend it. I won’t give away too many plot points. I still like Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire better, but Hallows comes in a close third. As I said to Stacy, it’s very Dickensian, but with a high body count. The language is beautiful. It made me cry in several places. First was when Dobby died and Harry buried him. To think that the creature I found so annoying in the movie could bring me to tears! The second was when Fred died. Boy, I never saw that coming. And the third was when Harry was walking through the forest toward his own doom with his parents, Lupin and Sirius. When he asked if it (death) would hurt, I started bawling. I’m getting misty just writing this.

My favorite chapter was The Prince’s Tale. It actually made me feel sorry for Snape – I remember wondering in Book 5 if he had a thing for Harry’s mom. I thought there were some draggy parts, notably when they were camping out trying to figure out what to do. But hey, you need time for exposition, right? And the last quarter of the book more than made up for any slow patches, and had me completely mesmerized. I am reading it aloud to my sons, so I’m getting a chance to reread and reabsorb some of the plot points that may have escaped me. And I must say that I am really grateful to J.K. Rowling for writing these books. Not only for the pleasure they give me and my family, but for the wonderful fact that Books caused such a cultural phenomenon! As my DH said, “Hey, I’d rather see people dressed up and in line for this than for some stupid Britney Spears concert!” Bravo Ms. Rowling, bravo!

I’ve done a new fitting shell of my McCalls pattern, and I’ll be playing with that today.
Happy sewing!

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