‘I see clothes, I don’t see fashion.’

Wow. There’s a powerful statement. It’s a quote from Tim Gunn, spoken during an interview with Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune. Big shout of thanks, BTW, to my darlings Tom and Lorenzo of Project RunGay for originally bringing this article to my attention. Now, back to the matter at hand….

In the quotation, Tim is referring to auditioners for Season 4 of Project Runway. There were quite a number who were excellent at construction, but had no clear point of view. I know that if I were ever to try out for Project Runway (of which I have absolutely no intention), I would fall into that category. I’m going to point the finger squarely at me in this post, but feel free to recognize yourself if it suits you. I think many of us, sewists and non-sewists alike, fall into this category.

If I walk into my closet right now, I’m going to find a boatload of clothes. All of them are gorgeous (natch). All of them are beautifully constructed (natch). But what do they say about me? They say I have multiple personalities, none of which like the others very much! Now, I would kind of expect that, given the different roles that I play: singer, entrepreneur, mother. But there is really no cohesion in my closet. I could not even pull a decent one-week mix and match wardrobe out of there if I needed to fly somewhere on no notice.

Part of this problem is my aversion to SWAP. Now, please don’t think I’m dissing SWAP. Oh yeah, for those who don’t sew, SWAP means Sew With A Plan – it’s a great method for wardrobing. I just have no patience for it in my sewing life (though I support it in any ways I can in my business). Why? Because I think I have ADD when it comes to sewing. I am always looking for the next challenge, whether it’s a fabric, a style, or a technique. That’s an admirable quality, because it keeps me learning and experimenting and growing. But it also makes my wardrobe a little schizoid. And that can lead to wardrobe anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to be too much in the other direction too. I don’t want to have a wardrobe of all the same types of outfits. That wouldn’t suit me at all – I get tired of looking at those kinds of things. But I am going to start looking at my wardrobe and trying to think more like a designer and less like a sewist. I’ll try to chronicle this for you in my sewing travels over the next couple of months. So stay tuned, and in the meantime, happy sewing!

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