It Never Rains


Well, I was all set to go to New York, but the alternator in my car died (to the tune of more than 5 bills, ouch!!!). And then I got a call that I needed to come in for a follow-up to an annual test that returned concerning results. And of course, DH’s resignation from his job (he starts his new one on 7/9) is effective today, so our healthcare expires at midnight. Needless to say, the doctor’s office crammed me in today at 11:10, God bless their little hearts.

So no Poiret until Monday, no fabric shopping until Monday. But lots of stress for 24 hours, right? Oh well, you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going. And on top of everything else, DS the eldest tested for his 3rd degree karate brown belt. He’s just about to turn 12, but the Shihan put him in the adult test. He passed, but we both were sweating bullets (I wasn’t allowed to watch. Apparently it’s pretty brutal).

The good news? He passed! My follow up test came back perfectly normal, and I put a whole bunch of new fabrics that have been hanging around up on Gorgeous Fabrics. And now DH is off next week. Tomorrow I’m spending the morning with a fabulous designer/engineer/instructor. Monday, I’m going to NYC for fabric and Poiret (gotta love Amtrak – no hassles with changing reservations). Tuesday I think is the Mystic Aquarium, and then singing and sewing for the rest of the week. You know what? Life is okay, sometimes!

Happy Sewing!

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