All Work….

Ay yi yi! What a week it was last week. First, I had all sorts of things going on with business. Mostly good, but very, very time consuming. The kids got out of school on Tuesday, too, so trying to work with them chirping around me (“Can I have a snack?” “Mom, he won’t let me use his Gameboy!” “When are we going to the pool?” “I’m bored!”)… well, you get the drift. And we decided that the kitchen/great room needed painting, so we did that. Actually, we’re still doing that. And DH went to DC to stay with his Dad, who is going through treatment for amyloidosis. So it was a tad on the crazy side chez Gorgeous Things. Oh yes, and I had a death in the family and had to go to that funeral. Sigh…

But the kids are in a day camp, DH is back and spending his last week at his current job, and I get a little breathing room. So this week I have a couple of things planned. I love love love Carolyn’s Simplicity Threads dress, and I am inspired by the work that Linda has been doing on hers as well, so I’m going to bit that bullet and make Simplicity 3744 as well:

I’m not sure which fabric I’m going to use. I have so many in my stash that I would like to use up before raiding Gorgeous Fabrics. Maybe a faboo black and white cotton print I bought from my dear Kashi several months back.

I also had the opportunity to connect with a wonderful lady, Shirley Willett. Shirley is a designer, instructor, and one-woman designer incubator. She is quite inspirational, and a riot! I’m going to spend some time with her tomorrow and start learning about her patternmaking system. I can’t wait!

Next up, I am going to see the Poiret exhibit on Thursday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’m going with a very good and fun friend to see these things with. He’s got a great eye for fashion and design, so it will be a blast! While in NYC I’m going to try to get some fabric shopping for fall done too. So stay tuned!

Happy sewing!

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