Hey, Did I Tell You?

I put up a whole bunch of new fabrics and sale fabrics on Gorgeous Fabrics! I can’t believe I didn’t publish this earlier. There’s a nice Sale going on. And I added a ton of absolutely fabulous New Fabrics, including some amazing knits, black and white as well as other colorways. And woolens! My god, do I have some gowachuss woolens up, and more to come! Okay, I’m going to share two here – I love these! First, a really cool Check Bouclé:

And a surprisingly gorgeous pairing with it (well, not surprising, but perhaps a bit unexpected), Prince of Wales Plaid Tropical Wool:

These two fabrics pair beautifully together! I would use the bouclé as a jacket, and the tropical wool as a pant or skirt.
Check them out and check out the other great new things and sale items.

The sale is only running until Friday night, so if you want some great fabrics at greater prices, check it out soon!

Happy sewing!

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