An Addicting Snack

Apropos to nothing, I ran by Costco today to pick up some office supplies. While I was there, I walked past a very large bag – is there any other kind at Costco? – of Sing Buri, and I thought, “Why not? Cashews, peanuts, dried fruits, chili pepper? Sounds good to me.” So into the cart it went.

Well, if you have a chance, and you like savory/slightly sweet snacks, give this one a try! It is delicious and addicting! I could eat the entire bag. It is filling, though, and I’m sure it’s not very good for one’s weight. I call it the Thai equivalent of trail mix. It is dee-lish!

Next up is something, I don’t know what yet, in some brown eyelet that has been sitting in my stash for about a year.

Stay tuned, and happy sewing!

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