Lots of Great New Stuff and a Sale at Gorgeous Fabrics!

Wow, what a weekend! I got completely away from my computer to celebrate my (gasp!) 22nd wedding anniversary. Yes, I was a child bride. Of course, before I did, guess what else I managed to do? That’s right, I found you some utterly fabulous fabrics, including some for (double gasp!) Fall!

I picked up some amazing tropical weight wools, including one imported Super 120 that I have seen retailing for upwards of $95 per yard. It is an absolutely gowachuss designer piece that will sit proudly up there with the power-suiting Italian designer and Saville Row crowd. I also got some fun and cozy ribbed wool-blends that you’ll love even more because not only are they comfortable to wear, but you can even machine wash them! Let them air dry though, please – they don’t shrink, but they keep their shape better that way. Ask my husband how I know….

Oh yes, and if you haven’t seen it, I also put up a whole lot of new knits on the What’s New page, so pour yourself a cup of tea or your favorite libation, settle down for a bit and have a look around at all the fabounteous new goodies!

Now of course, these fabrics don’t come without a hitch. They take up space! So… It’s sale time! That’s right – we’re running a fun clearance sale on great fabrics for summer, including some very, very popular prints and jerseys, all at 25% off our great prices! So check out our Sale Page for all these sassy bargains, and have a blast!

Happy Sewing!

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