You Even Try That in my Class and I’ll Smack You Upside the Head with Your Glue Gun

I teach classes in all manner of sewing. It’s fun. No, it’s a blast. I have great students, and I just love the work they do. But….

Recently, one of my students handed me an article (the publisher shall remain nameless). It was all about sewing without needles and thread, and expounded the glories of using glue to attach everything, to everything.

(grrr. Grrrr. GRRRR. GROWL!!!!!)

Okay, let me say right now that my inner Simon Cowell made an appearance – “Why in God’s name do you think anyone would pay for that?”

Here’s my beef. Gluing a hem/seam/whatever is a cheat. Plain and simple. Anyone here watch Project Runway when they were in Paris for the couture challenge and Vincent decided to glue his hem? Jiminy Cricket, it looked like crap, plain and simple. But this purported expert is recommending doing this!

Look folks. I’m all for saving time, but if you want to sew something, please, sew it. Don’t superglue it. I can spot a glued seam or hem a mile off. And if you are making clothing, curtains or what have you, aren’t you doing it, at least in part, because you want it to look better than cheap Ready-To-Wear? I mean, if you want seams that will fall apart after two washings, buy a $15 top at H&M or Forever 21. At least they serge their seams.

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