My BFF’s Cosmo is done!

Alright! It’s only exactly 3 months late, but Barbara’s birthday present is complete! I made her a HP Cosmopolitan dress using a groovy knit from Gorgeous Fabrics (sorry to be a tease, but that one sold out within 3 days of my listing it). She’s coming over this weekend to pick it up. I think she’ll be pleased with it. I am!

One thing I did differently with this version than the others I have made is that I eliminated the back seams and cut all the back pieces on the fold. This made the dress go together so quickly! You can do this if a- you have a very stretchy knit like this jersey, or b-if you have a less stretchy knit or a woven and you use a side zipper application. It’s nice because it will give you an unbroken line across the back.

One other thing to note here is that I originally cut this dress with the long skirt, since Barb is 4 inches taller than I am. It was really, really long! Even on her it would be almost to the floor. Before I hemmed it, I cut the skirt down by a foot. So keep that in mind when you’re cutting. If you want a longer skirt, you might want to cut halfway between the shorter length and the longer one.

Maybe I’ll make a pitcher of Cosmos to serve when she comes over.

Happy Sewing!

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