Oh. My. Freaking. God!!!!!!!!

You are not going to believe what I did today. Let me give you the background. I have become very close to my darling Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay. They are fabulous with a capital FAB! And funny with a capital FUN!


Early this week, I got a call from Lorenzo. They were going to be in New York for a meeting, and could I possibly come down to meet up with them? Let me think for, oh, a nanosecond while I dig out my Amtrak Acela frequent traveler card. Yes! So we make some vague plans, and I check with some of my vendors to see if I can stop by and justify the trip as a tax write off. Vendors, check. T&L, check. All is good.

A couple of days later, I get a call from Lorenzo. I had made plans to meet up with Emmett McCarthy to buy a dress at the store, and possibly have lunch. Lorenzo asks if I can spend some time with them that afternoon. “Sure,” say I, figuring that we’ll talk about advertising, business, fashion, life, etc. etc. We hang up and all is good.

About ten minutes later, the phone rings again and it’s Lorenzo. “We were going to make this a surprise, but we thought you might want to know in advance so you can make sure you wear fabulous shoes…”

“Okay, I’m sitting.”

“We’ve spoken with her, and we’re taking you to meet Laura Bennett.”


I hyperventilated. Of course I’ll go! Gee, we get to go to Laura’s loft? And meet the über-fabulous Laura? Holy Heidis, Batman, pinch me I must be dreaming! My kids are so excited they start running around (not like it takes a lot to get them to do that in the first place). My husband starts plotting ways he can call in dead for the day and join me. This is like a Red Sox-Yankees double header with box seats. Emmett and Laura? Somebody up there (or in Philly) must like me!

Well, today rolled around. I woke up at 4 (I couldn’t sleep), finally rolled out of bed at 5, got ready (Where’s my coffee? Is my makeup perfect? Where are my Spanx? Should I wear this dress, or that one? Would someone please let the dog out?). Hopped on the train, arrived at Penn Station and stopped to do some business, then booked it downtown to Emmett’s store. Tom, Lorenzo, Emmett, Erin and I all went out to lunch. Emmett looked totally fab, but I didn’t take any pictures this time – I’m sorry! We were all running late, so I didn’t get to shop, but I’m buying my dress over the phone tomorrow, dammit!

We ran to Laura’s and I will tell you, there is not a more gracious hostess.

Laura is both sweet and salty, just like she seemed in Project Runway. She’s tall, she’s willowy (even after 6 kids, that minx!). She is an absolute delight to be with. Her fashion sense is spot on and her work is bee-yoo-tee-ful! I saw her collections, both for the Project Runway finale and some others, and her work is impeccable! She makes all her own clothes. And her children are so damned cute and engaging! We spent a wonderful afternoon. And yes, her loft is just as incredibly faboo as it seemed on Project Runway.

But wait, there’s more. At lunch, Tom and Lorenzo told me, “there is one more little surprise for you.” I was thinking, an industrial serger courtesy of Juki America? Nooooo…. better!

Uncle Nick!!!

OMG, Nick is just as gorgeous, adorable and wonderful in person as he is on the show. I had to leave about a half hour after he arrived, but what a ray of sunshine in a bright afternoon! And his partner David, who took some pictures here, is equally gorgeous! Gawd, I wish I was a fashion student in LA!

Now, there’s lots more, but I just want to say, keep an eye out on this space and on Project Rungay, because there will be some very interesting developments over the next few months from our favorite designers!

Oh, and how could I leave you without posting a picture of my darling PRunGayBoys?

From the left, it’s Pierson (Laura’s adorable middle-younger son), Lorenzo, me, and Tom. The fab four? Sure, why not, at least for a day!

Emmett, Laura, Nick, Tom, Lorenzo? Mmwahhhhhh!

Happy sewing!

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