I’m Not Really Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way

Okay, maybe I am really bad, but you can’t convince me you don’t like it. I just put up a ton of new fabrics over at Gorgeous Fabrics. And can you say Milanese designer shirtings? Abondanza! Tons (literally) of fabrics from one of the really big guys. And very, very fun knits! Let me tempt you with just a few:
Lookie what I found for you!

Same print, this time in a deep yellow.

The dots on this are actually holographic silver, they just don’t scan well.

And the Shirtings darlings, the shirtings! You have to check them out. They are truly magnificent!

Well, I have a really cute tee shirt, or is it a yoga shirt? to post. But I think I’ll save that for tomorrow. The Sopranos is on, and as you might guess, I have to watch that!

Happy sewing!

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