Charmeuse is a Slippery Little Devil!

Okay, the dress is almost done! I’ve decided to do a couple of things differently from the way they recommend (quel surprise, right?). I’m going to use a hand-picked zipper installation, and move the zipper to the side instead of the CB. I wish I had thought of it sooner. I could have saved myself time by cutting the back pieces on the fold. Oh well, live and learn, right? Here’s a tip for working with silk charmeuse. Baste before you sew. I used machine basting on the long seams, and I hand basted the armholes. It may sound time consuming, but it kept me from making mistakes, so it’s worth the extra time and thread.

Hopefully this beast will be done tomorrow night, at which point I’ll do a full review. But I’ll insert the zipper while watching “The Sopranos” tonight.

Until then, happy sewing!

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