As If I Needed a Reason not to Run in the Marathon

Boy, we are having one weird spring around here! Last Thursday, we woke up to 4 inches of snow on the ground. Three weeks ago it was 75 degrees out. Today, as I looked out the window, the weather turned from rain to snow to rain to heavy hail to snow to rain to pouring rain then back to sleet. I think it’s pretty much subsided. But… Monday is Marathon Monday in Boston. The city gets the day off because of an obscure holiday called Evacuation Day, which commemorates the Battle of Breeds Hill in the Revolutionary War. Any port in a storm, eh? For tax procrastinators, it also means you get one extra day to file with the IRS.

But face it, the biggest reason to celebrate and give the kids the day off is because the venerable Boston Marathon is run on that day. Walk around Boston for the week beforehand and you see the largest collection anywhere of rangy people stuffing themselves with pasta at buffets at all the hotels in the Back Bay. It’s pretty amusing. The Nike, New Balance, and City Sports stores on Newbury and Boylston Streets do a bang-up business. The chi-chi shops like Chanel and Valentino? Not so much. These are serious runners.

Don’t get me wrong. I really admire marathoners. It takes a mindset and a body type, not to mention arches, that I never have been able to sustain. I’m more of a weightlifting/cycling/skiing/SCUBA type. But even if that weren’t enough reason to not ever want to run the Marathon, here’s a doozy: the weather. April in Boston is always a dicy proposition, but this month is even more so than usual. Because this Monday, they are forecasting a bona fide Nor’easter, complete with driving rain, gale-force winds and temperatures in the low 40s. There are going to be a whole lot of hypothermic runners out there, you can be sure of that! Here’s he forecast for Monday. If you are running in the Marathon, please, be careful, and mind your temperature. I really don’t want to see anyone get hurt.

Happy running!

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