People? Can I Ask You to Gather ‘Round?

Okay folks, Rachel just posed a great question, and I’m going to throw it out to all my über-fashionable friends in Cyber-land. Here’s the query:

“love your website
(Thanks sweetie! Love you too. Really)
and I wanted to email you this question but I could not find an address.
(If you want, you can always contact me through the contact page.)
Anyway, I am in love with this Nanette Lepore dress seen on this website:
Nanette Lepore jumper
In case the link breaks, and since the original photo from eLuxury is no longer available, I’m going to put it here too:

Do you have any suggestions as to a pattern I could use to make it? Thanks.”

Oooooh, I love a challenge like this! Scour your brains, and let’s see if we can collectively come up with a pattern that would work as the basis for this jumper. It’s a princess-line sleeveless dress with a flared skirt, a back-waist tie, and a surgically enhanced – er – removed bodice.

Me? I would start with the HotPatterns Classix Nouveau Indispensable Dress:

It requires major surgery, a la what I did to my McCall’s Jacket. Also, since the design is sleeveless you might be better off starting with a sleeveless dress, perhaps a sundress. I am going to ruminate on this one. Anyone have any suggestions?

Happy pondering!

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