Okay, Time for An Easter Dress

I am so behind the eight ball on my sewing for Easter. I made the Butterfly top, but I should have been working on a fab dress. I have the fabric (a Pucci print silk charmeuse in teal and green tones). I have the pattern, Simplicity 3877:

What I don’t seem to have is the time! Every time I get going on this pattern – and I have gotten far enough to make a fitting muslin on it, but that’s it – I get sidelined by (pick one) kids, dog, husband, workout schedule, phone calls from vendors, phone calls from family members, piano lessons, karate lessons, (neither of which are mine, they are the kids’), Les Miz rehearsals (finished, thank God, but they slowed me down), rehearsals for Easter, rehearsals for recitals. Then there’s work, but that’s what pays for the piano, karate, workouts, blah blah blah, so that’s okay. Oh, and then there’s the only semi-scheduled distractions, like going to the eye doctor at 7 in the morning so I don’t disrupt my schedule, only to get stuck for 90 minutes in traffic on I93 because of an accident at Mystic Ave. (the area where much of “Mystic River” was set)

Mind you, I’m not exactly complaining. These things happen, and it’s all part of the “If you ever want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans” philosophy. And heaven knows I’ve been sewing up a storm. and I won’t go naked on Easter. But I was really looking forward to making this dress, and the lace trench, which is still in the flat pattern stage. Sigh. Well, it’s time for a deep breath. I’m going to mentally take myself back to SCUBA diving at Angel City in Bonaire, and tomorrow, gosh darn it all, I’m going to cut into the Pucci fabric and get going on this beast!

Happy sewing!

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