What’s New at Gorgeous Fabrics?

My webmaster, aka DH, has been playing around with programming in his copious free time (riiiiiiiiight!). So he put up a new and improved version of the site that lets you shop by categories like color, fabric type or theme. Check it out, play around with it, and of course, feel free to buy from it. And let me know what you think!

Oh, and speaking of Gorgeous Fabrics, someone had asked if I picked up any treats while I was in New York (and Emmett McCarthy was absolutely a treat, but he doesn’t count). The answer is….. Of Course! Boy have I got stuff to load up for you! Keep an eye out on the site. You’ll see lots and lots of great fabrics coming over the next couple of days.

Happy sewing!

About Gorgeous Things

I own an online fabric store, www.gorgeousfabrics.com. Everything else you need to know about me is what I tell you on my blog, darlings!
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