Guess Who I Met Today????

I spent today in New York City on business. What a glorious day to be in New York! It was 75 degrees out, the sun was shining, Union Square dog park was full of happy bouncing barking bowsers and their owners, and it was a great day to walk.

I had a couple of hours to kill after lunch. I have been wanting to visit Emmett McCarthy’s store ever since I heard it had opened on Project RunGay. So, being the glorious day that it was, and having just bought fabulous and comfortable shoes for walking in NYC, I decided to hoof it from Midtown to Soho. It’s only about 43 blocks, and on a day like today, that’s a wonderful thing to do. I love walking in New York (and just about anywhere else when the weather is good). So I wandered into Soho and down Prince Street to Elizabeth, and there was EMC, Emmett’s store! I walked in and got chatting with Ariel. She was delightful, and I started looking at the garments (which are beautifully constructed, BTW, and I’m quite the stickler). These I’d buy. In fact, some of these, I will buy!

As I was shopping, who should walk in but Emmett (da man!) himself! Okay, I’m probably sounding a little star-struck, but you know what? He is, as T&L have said, even more charming, engaging, and cute cute cute (no, gorgeous, actually!) in person than he was on Project Runway.

Okay, enough jawboning. Here are pictures – in the store:

Emmett looks hot; I just look sweaty.

And in his brand-spankin’ new design studio:

Emmett is on my cell phone with Lorenzo.

And this is Rainer, Emmett’s head of production (I think I got that title right, did I?) And could they be brothers? Oh yes!

Everyone at EMC is really wonderful, and their clothes are BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL! Definitely worth a trip to Soho, and oh, BTW, check out the shoes!

Tomorrow, it’s back to the sewing room!

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