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The next project isn’t for me. It is the start of a bunch of projects for my niece “Rosie” (names are changed to protect the innocent). Rosie has had a tough time of it. She’s just about to turn 14. Her mom (my sister) died of a brain aneurism 3 1/2 years ago, and her father, who can most generously be described as a rather unpleasant excuse for a human being, died of cancer in September of 2006. I’m ungenerous because, to be blunt, he did his red-letter best to screw up everyone around on his way out, most especially his daughter. In fact, the kindest thing I can say about him is that he’s dead. Good riddance to bad news. If you ever wondered why I was so cranky last year? There’s your reason. Oh, there’s a ton of background information, but that requires drinks and dinner (with my DH invited to round out the totally f-ed up-edness of the story, since he was there with the Unpleasant Excuse when my sister died).

But that was then, this is now. Life is much better, and Rosie is in the custody of her very wonderful paternal aunt (whose last contact with the Unpleasant Excuse was when she was 2 years old, and she’s in her 50s now – I’m telling you, I’m going to write a book!). Rosie is at a school for girls at risk. She is doing really well. But the poor kid needs stuff of all kinds. So I contacted her counselor at the school and asked what size she is, since I know she needs good clothes for church and special occasions. I’m making her a dress from Simplicity’s Built by Wendy collection, 3835:

I’m making it from a really cute deep, dark navy blue polka dot that has an embroidered and cutout border that I am using as the hem. The interesting part, from a construction standpoint, is that the hem is slightly curved, while the border is straight. So I have to do a Sewing Diva Phyllis and appliqué the hemline. It’s actually an interesting little challenge. I’ll blog about it when the dress is done. Other than that, is an absolutely simple dress, and I think it will look very cute. I should (hopefully) have it done tomorrow. At that point, I’ll post it here. Then I’ll make her a bunch of things from the new HotPatterns/McCalls line, which will be very cute. She’s a RTW size 6P, so it will be fun to sew for someone who doesn’t need all the (ahem) little tweaks that I do!

Happy sewing!

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