What I Did Today

Today was a lovely day. For one thing, the kids were in school. We had two, count ’em, TWO staff development days this week. They took place on Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday at 3 I was ready to stick a fork in my eye. I love my kids, but for some reason they decided that home was where the entire freaking neighborhood should come to play! Give me a vodka IV, stat!

Today, however, they went to school. In spite of the weather, which the forecasters forecasted to be pretty dreadful. Honestly? Not great, but not a total washout. Ever since the Blizzard of ’78, local forecasters err on the side of predicting too much snow. We have 4 inches outside. It’s now sleeting, and the snow/sleet line is moving toward us.

Where was I? Oh yes! Today was a nice day. I had the house to myself, and I worked on my McCalls jacket. It’s actually mostly done, but I had to call the folks at Zipperstop to get them to custom cut a couple of Riri zippers, one of which will be the closure for this jacket. I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow. It’s not done, but the wool denim is just a dream to work with. I’m lining it with a bee-yoo-tee-ful silk charmeuse print I bought from Kashi two years ago. It’s gonna be fab,

The other thing I did was pull out an old favorite aria and work it up a bit. “Je Suis Titania” from Ambroise Thomas’ opera “Mignon” It is a showstopper, and I wanted to see if I still had the chops. Do I? Yeah. I was actually quite surprised. That aria was an unmitigated rhymes-with-witch when I was in my {mumbles} and {mumbles}. Now that I am in my {mumbles}, the technique that escaped me back then is there! It was easy. Really – it felt wonderful like it never did, and I wasn’t tired afterwards!

It was a great day. Happy singing and sewing!

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