On the Cutting Table: McCall’s 5106

I pulled this pattern out of stash today to make it up in my wool denim. I have to admit, I was really, really disappointed with the jacket selections in the pattern books right now. Do you remember two years ago, when jackets were the big hot wardrobe item? Simplicity, for one, had tons of great jackets that were inspired by Marc Jacobs in their catalogue. Gone. Nothing is worth even looking at. And most of the jacket patterns that are out there are either too Jackie Kennedy for this fabric, or else they are just plain dowdy. This one skates along that thin line of being dowdy, but of course I’m going to fab it up quite a bit.

First off, I’m going to trim off about 3 inches, and then I’m going to slice and dice so it looks something along the lines of this jacket from DSquared:

(photo: Stye.com)
But with a Riri zipper that I bought from ZipperStop

I won’t be parading around in bloomers, and I won’t be showing my well-toned midriff (yah, right) like the model does, but with the right coordinates, it will look very cool. Stay tuned.

Happy Sewing!

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