Simplicity 4076 v.2

I decided to grab some of the fabric from the Gorgeous Things Fabrics to make myself a top. I really love the colors in this fabric. I call it the Earth Tones Monet print. It’s a very tightly woven knit, and it has metallic printing on it as well. So it’s a bit squirrelly. I recommend that you use a Stretch needle, or preferably a serger if you have one to make your life easier. I liked the last version of this pattern that I made so well that I decided to try View C, the scoop neck version. There are a couple of things worth noting about this version and I’ll note them here. See below:

Pattern Description: Misses wardrobe of tops. I made the wrap version the last time. This time I made View C, the long sleeve scoop neck version.

Pattern Sizing: 8-22 – I made the 14

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Kind of. There was some strangeness in the neckband instructions.
They give some rather bizarre instructions for gathering the neckline. Not wrong, but not the most logical. Simplicity tells you to put gathering stitches between the front notches of the neckline. So far so good. Then they tell you to use the pattern neckband piece as your guide to how much to gather – there are matching notches on the neckband piece. Again, That’s fine; I’m with them. But then they instruct you to pin the gathered neckline to the pattern piece and baste to hold the gathering, then tear the neckband pattern piece away. That’s kind of strange, since you ruin your pattern piece and can’t use it again. Instead of that, I recommend that you measure the distance between the notches on the neckband pattern piece (in the case of a size 14 it’s 4 inches) and then baste to either a spare piece of tissue paper or just baste it onto the neckband itself, which is what I did. That way you retain the option to use the pattern piece again. I’m still scratching my head about why Simplicity would recommend the way they do, but hey, I’m sure they have a reason.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I loved the last version of this pattern, so I decided to try it again. It looks a little reminiscent of HotPatterns’ Sunshine Top, though I hadn’t noticed it until I was finished. I may try making that one to note the differences. The second issue I noted with this pattern is that the side seam notches don’t match up. I marked them with a Sharpie so you can see clearly that the back piece notch is several inches offset from the front notch.

This is only the case with this particular view. I didn’t have a problem with the wrap version. The pattern pieces match otherwise, but don’t try to go by the notches on this view.

Now, pardon me for a minute, but I’m going to get on my high horse. There is a small pattern company that gets brutally and viciously slammed on some of the boards for mistakes like that notch issue. Some people who have never even sewn with their patterns jump all over them, and make it out to be like the earth was coming to an end for similar mistakes. Cut it out, people! They’re patterns. If you are reading this, you can probably figure out a fix. Just because you have the relative anonymity of the Web to hide behind doesn’t mean you should forget the manners your momma taught you. (note to AvidSewer – if you’re taking this personally, I think that says something about you, dear – you might want to talk to someone about it. I named no names, nor was I talking about you.) Okay, I put the horse back in the barn. Thanks for letting me rant.

Back to the pattern. Other than those two relatively minor nits, it’s a great pattern, and I will probably make some shorter sleeved versions for the warmer weather. Give this one a shot. It’s a winner.

Happy sewing!

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