Random Friday Thoughts

DH, God bless him, and I were up late last night loading fabrics up at Gorgeous Things, so I’m a little tuckered right now. But I did finally get my FBA for a wrap top tutorial up and running at The Sewing Divas.

Sorry to send you charging all over Webland, but like I say, I’m pretty pooped. However, now that I have a little breathing room, I’m going to head upstairs and start on another top. I’m debating which pattern to make, but I’m definitely going to make it from my Earth Tones Monet knit print. I’ll let you know when I drag something out of stash. In the meantime…

Happy sewing!

About Gorgeous Things

I own an online fabric store, www.gorgeousfabrics.com. Everything else you need to know about me is what I tell you on my blog, darlings!
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