Hang In There, Kittens!

I promised a tutorial and I will give you a tutorial. This one will be on raising a neckline. But first I have to make a costume. DS the eldest is appearing in the local high school’s production of “Les Miserables”. I’m going to say something heretical to many. I hate this musical. Bombast at its worst. Repetitive, unison singing, with leitmotifs that are not leit at all, and too much sense of self importance. Yuck.

Okay, thanks, I got that out of my system, now back to where I was going with this post. DS the eldest is playing one of the beggar children in said production, and tomorrow is costume check. So last night, right before bed, he started in with, “Mom, I need my costume for Les Miz on Tuesday.” No worries – I’ll make you one sweetie.

So that’s what I’ll be working on today. That and shipping out the fabric. As soon as that is all done, I’ll start the photos for the tutorial on raising the neckline on a surplice or wrap bodice. So stay tuned!

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