Dogs and Cats, Sleeping Together!

I just love weather forecasters in New England. Since the weekend, they have been warning of a massive nor’easter (their description, not mine) that was going to start at midnight and dump feets of white stuff on us poor, snow-deprived denizens. Oh yes, it’s Armageddon in a snowstorm, folks. Wow, how on earth will we ever get out of the house? It’s the Blizzard of ’78 all over again! Run for the hills, there’s snow! In Massachusetts! In February!!!

Yah, right

Here’s the view from my bedroom window around 7:30 this morning.

You know what folks in New England do in a snowstorm? They make French Toast. Really. Yesterday, the shopping malls were empty, but the grocery stores were jammed. And they were cleared out of bread, eggs and milk. And this happens every single time the forecasters tell us we’re going to get a snowstorm. You can’t find bread, eggs, or milk anywhere within a 20 mile radius. So when people wake up to snow in New England, they must make French Toast. Prove me wrong.

But Chez Us, we make BEBs, with cheese – that’s Bagel, Egg and Bacon sandwiches. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Total artery chokers, but what the hell, we haven’t had a snowstorm in over a year, so it’s time to have a cholesterol bomb.

Today will also hopefully give me the opportunity to finish my second incarnation of the HotPatterns Tango Blouse. I decided to stabilize the shoulder seams because the crepe was quite stretchy.

And I put the organza frill on it, taking Sewing Diva Georgene’s advice and cutting the frill on the bias, in a doubled layer.

I may add some black lace to it, I’ll take a look at it later today and decide. I also need to decide on what buttons to use for it. I’m not sure what I have in my stash that’s appropriate. But given the progress of this storm, I don’t think I’ll have much trouble getting out later to go to Fabric Place if I need to.

Oh, snowstorms like this do have the advantage of making the squirrels easy to spot. We call it Squirrel TV.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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