Spring Butterick Patterns Are Up

I think this is a transitional season, and I don’t mean in the retail or garment industry sense. There are very few collections that make a big statement. The last was boho-chic, and it’s past. I think the fashion industry is looking for its next big thing, and except for Isabel Toledo’s breathtaking collection for Anne Klein, there isn’t a real sense of direction.

The pattern companies seem to be stuck in that rut too. Butterick’s spring line was just introduced. There are a few good looks, but most of them are, at best, meh, and at worst, they are just so that side of out of fashion that they have no redeeming qualities.

But let’s start with the good…

4978 is a great basic dress that can work well under a jacket for work or in a silk jersey (check out Rosen and Chadick for some beauts) for more dressy occasions.

I don’t wear plus-size, but if you do, 5001 looks like a winner. I like the ruching on the side, and I think it will look nice on many women.

5004 is a great Sunday Service hat. I wish to heck that RC women wore hats to church, because I’d have this one on. Manny’s Millinery in NYC has everything you need to make this just perfect. Run there before they get swept away by the Manhattan real estate tide!


is cute, classic, and kind of done to death. But I like the back treatment. MJ Trims, Daytona Trimming (do they have a website?) and Pacific Trims (ditto) will all have the type of trim you want to make this perfect.

is a good Mother-of-the-Wedding-Party outfit. But be warned. Check out the model. That fabrication makes her look hefty. Lose the Shine and try making it in a silk crepe with the jacket in a hammered taffeta. I don’t care what just walked down the runways this week. Too much shine will age anyone. Just look at the model.


Is a cute twist, if you will, on the ubiquitous twist top. This look may be slightly past prime, but I like the layering with the tank. I think it will serve you well through spring.

Okay, no more Ms. Nice Gal, there are some barkers in here that wouldn’t make it past the local 4H dog show….

Is anyone at the pattern companies listening??? Tiered skirts are gone, baby, gone. Think “Poncho” gone! Remove them from your fashion lexicon and don’t let them darken your closet for the next seven or eight years.

4977 looks pretty good on the illustration. But take a good hard look at the garment on the model. She probably wears a size 4, and is 6 feet tall. This makes her look zaftig. Just think what it will do to the average woman. Avoid!

I am SO glad they labeled this “goth costume”. But let’s face it. That was an afterthought. This isn’t a costume at all. Someone in editorial with some fashion sense just happened to catch it as the file went to print and slapped the label on so they wouldn’t get laughed out of the room. Big time avoid. So very 3 seasons ago.

Well, that’s all for tonight. Keep an eye out later. The accessories market happened rather quietly recently. It might be worth a look…

Happy sewing!

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