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Alright!!! My super-triple-secret project is done and in the hands of the client. Big stretch and a happy dance going on here! The Vogue Acid Flashback top is waiting for the weather to warm up before it gets its debut. so it’s time for the next project. I loved Gigi’s version of the HP Cosmopolitan Dress. I bought that pattern before I went to New York.

And I have lots of fabric I can choose from to make it. But first, I just stumbled across a remnant of very heavy 4-ply silk crepe, left over from when I made this dress a few years back:

I think I have enough for a blouse, so I am going to make it up as the HP Tango blouse that I made in the wavy eyelet a few months back. I love having a stash. I read a helpful hints column not too long ago about how to organize your stash. The writer had some great tips, but one of her rules was, if you have fabric in your stash that’s over two years old, throw it out. My initial reaction was, “This chick is nuckin’ futz!” I have fabrics in my stash that are older than my kids. Hell, I may have fabrics in my stash that are older than me! No. Unlike, say, work clothing, fabric doesn’t age the way fashion does. So folks, be proud of your stash! Think of it as you would a wine cellar, or a nice stinky cheese. Some things really do get better with age.

And how fun is it to stumble across a beautiful gem like this crepe? It’s like Christmas in February!

Happy sewing!

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